About Us
Zinger Solutions is a system integrator and enabler of business solutions that is passionate in ensuring that our clients develop the necessary skills and processes to improve business and personal performance.

We are customer-centric company, with a main focus on providing exceptional and quality IT Solutions and Services in Africa.

Our approach is one of partnership. We act in partnership with the client. We also collaborate with strategic partners and a consortium of local and international consultants chosen for their unique knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our Core Values

  • Provide high quality and reliable services to our clients and partners.
  • Empower people and businesses to make the best use of their IT infrastracture by providing expert advise and Solutions.
  • Demonstrate integrity, professionalism and strong work ethic with our clients and partners.

  • To provide high quality IT solutions and services through partnerships
  • To empower through Certified training solutions
  • To create a profitable organization by leveraging on strategic partners

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