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Oracle University announces new Updates and offerings to its best in class digital Learning offerings.

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    Oracle University Cloud Learning Subscriptions

    Help your team be continuous learners while keeping them up to date on the latest cloud features. Improve team efficiency, productivity and client success while maximizing your technology investment.

    As your employee improve job performance, stay updated on the over 500 new feature changes a year and get or stay certified.

    This is Training for all job roles including:

    • ¬†Implementors
    • Administrators
    • Project Team
    • Developers
    • Power Users
    • Architects

    Self-paced labs provide hands-on experience with Oracle Cloud in real cloud environments.

    Each subscription includes:

    • Video training with updates
    • Labs (Instant)
    • Certification (Online)
    • Knowledge Checks
    • Ask Questions
    • Student Learning Progress
    • Team Learning Progress
    • Machine Translations (5 languages)

    value of Cloud Learning Subscription

    • Keep up on 500+ feature changes a year
    • Get/stay certified
    • Keep your team up to date on the latest cloud features
    • Improve team efficiency, productivity, growth and client success
    • Track progress and success of your learners
    • Maximize your technology  investment