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ZSL Enterprise is committed to ensure that Your Business is Thriving beyond Expectation.

We've been increasingly busy Boosting the Growth of companies through Software Application and Product Development.

Zinger Solutions Limited is a System Integrator and enabler of Business solutions that is passionate in Ensuring that our Clients develop the necessary skills and processes to improve Business and personal performance. 

We offer end-to-end software development and services, Full lifecycle Implementation of all ERPs, Database Support, Cloud Services, Oracle CRM, Integration, Middle-ware, Corporate Training and Support, Database Audit and many more.


Firms can avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure, and instead simply pay for what they use, when they use it.  Cloud computing services cover a vast range of options now, from the basics of storage, networking, and processing power through to natural language processing and artificial intelligence as well as standard office applications.                                        


We offer Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)  services and training to manage and automate many functions related to technology, services or human resources in a businesses or organizations  hence enhancing productivity. Some of the services include system analysis, user training and support, Technical support and upgrades, customer service, project development and presentation, etc.


We offer consultant services and training in Project management to clients who wish to successfully complete their projects in time and on budget. We achieve all project goals within the given constraints. Project management tools and software are essential for task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, team collaboration, and many more.                                         

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