UNIX and Linux Essentials

This UNIX and Linux Essentials course is designed for users and administrators who are new to the Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems. It will help you develop the basic UNIX skills needed to interact comfortably and confidently with the operating system.

Learn To:

  • Manage files and directories from the command line and learn to use the vim editing tool.
  • Perform remote connections and file transfers.
  • Customize the user environment and use advanced shell features in shell scripts.
  • Archive and compress files and directories.
  • Understand and manage process control.
  • View and modify file and directory permissions.

Learn to work effectively with UNIX and Oracle Linux environments and master the fundamental administrative tasks for these operating systems.

These are the first steps to ensuring fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling consolidation onto Oracle Cloud or private clouds.


Introduction to UNIX and Linux Environments
-Overview of the UNIX and Linux operating Systems
-Executing Commands from theCommand Line

Working with Files and Directories
Determining Where You Are in the Directory Structure
-Viewing File Content
-Copying Files and Directories
-Creating and Removing Files and Directories
-Searching Files and Directories

Using the vim Editor
-Introducing the vim editor
-Modifying Files with the vim editor.

Using Features within the Bash Shell
Using Shell Expansion
-Using Variables in the Bash Shell
-Displaying the Command History
-Redirecting Commands
-Working with User Initialization Files

Using Basic File Permissions
Viewing File and Directory Permissions
-Changing Ownership and Permissions
-Modifying Default Permissions

Performing Basic Process Control
System Processes Overview
-Managing Processes

Using Advanced Shell Features in Shell Scripts
Using Advanced Shell Features
-Creating and Editing Shell Scripts

Archiving, Compressing and Performing Remote file Transfer
Archiving and Retrieving Files and Directories
-Compressing, Viewing, and Uncompressing Files and Directories
-Establishing Remote Connections and Performing File Transfers

Oracle Cloud Computing
Introducing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
-Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Concepts
-Describing Oracle IaaS Deployment Solutions and Services
-Launching Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services